Upgrade Drupal 8 to 9

Posted under » Drupal on 23 Aug 2021

I have to migrate all my ver 8 websites to version 9 as it will reached its EOL end of 2021. It is surprisingly easy.

You must ensure that all your ver. 8 modules are Drupal 9 ready. If not you have to disable it. Copy or rsync my sites folder to drupal 9. Adjusted my Apache config and restarted my Apache. It worked and now I am in Drupal 9. It seems drupal ver 8 and 9's sites folder format are quite similar.

As usual you have to update the tables to version 9. When I try to do that, I encountered this error.

"Your /settings.php file must define the $settings['config_sync_directory'] setting as a string containing the directory in which configuration files can be found

To fix this, you go to your settings file and change from the old $config_directories['sync'] to $settings['config_sync_directory'] . You will then be able to update your tables.

If somehow you get a website error, clear all your cache from the DB.

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